Hello readers! I feel like I started this blog with a mission and I have somehow dropped the ball with that mission! So sorry! I think the one thing that really put a dent in this mission of making blog posts at least once a week to help and encourage others in life is that I didn’t realize how bad of a writer I can be at times. I mean, there is so much I want to share and say but the hard part is finding the time and then actually putting it on paper in a way that actually attracts readers can be quite difficult. Several months ago, I decided that it would be pretty cool to start a vlog since I am pretty good in front of camera but then never got to it after looking at the price of the camera that I would need. One day. One day, you guys.  I still plan on doing the vlog but for now that adventure will be placed on hold until I can get a good deal on my camera.

I named todays blog post finances because admittedly I have dropped the ball in this area as well. So I have to rewind and get back on track with this. Is it me or is everything, EVERYTHING so expensive nowadays?! I mean, seriously. Everything costs so much. I don’t know if any of you follow Dave Ramsey on social media but if you don’t, you should. He focuses on getting out of debt and is always giving strategies in how to do just that. I obviously need to refocus and go back and read some of his advice because I have been on a spending kick. I need to revamp by budget and figure out a way to SAVE more money. I have come up with a few things in how to do this but I don’t know how well that will go. If you have any suggestions or know of a blog that can help me in this area, please comment and share! I am willing to read anything at this point to make me more successful in this area. Please share any books as well.

So these are the things that I have come up with so far to help me in my new journey:

  1. Coupon more. Especially digital coupons.
  2. Only buy sale items. Do not pay full price for an item.
  3. Cook more. Yup, I eat out way too much.
  4. Less alcohol. My wallet says I shouldn’t be spending $10.00 on a margarita.
  5. Spend money less on nails and hair (this is only until I can get at a comfortable finance situation).
  6. Cut Starbucks to at least once a week.
  7. Stop charging my credit cards ( I am typically pretty good at paying some things by end of month but here lately, I have been splurging).
  8. Figure out a new way to bring in money. I have actually come up with an idea for this but I want to keep that on a hush, hush for now. So excited though.

Do I think these things are achievable?! Of course but the actual steps that will need to be taken to accomplish these goals are going to be hard. Right now my main focus is fitness and eating better. It has been this way for the past several months. Finances is going to have to start being up with the other two goals. So I am going to try to incorporate all three on a weekly basis. Wish me luck. Lets see how this goes!

Vacation for me is next week so I plan to go and relax on my vacay but when I come back, I will attack those goals. I hope everyone is having a great summer and if you have any advice, please let me know!

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