I am not boring!

This weekend has got to have been one of the toughest weekends yet to get through since starting my fitness journey this year. I think this has a lot to do with the addition of going 30 days with no alcohol that I began on April 1st. I have been called all sorts of names by friends and family. My favorite are “boring” and “party pooper”! I feel offended. I am not boring just because I don’t have a cocktail in my hand! I have people telling me that one drink will not hurt me and telling me to just have one. Just one.  Talking about peer pressure at its finest! I have even been told that I am no longer “fun”. It really has astonished me how quickly others are to talk down on you just because  you are trying to do better for yourself. It is as if being socially acceptable only includes fun which is drinks and eating to your greatest desires. Peer pressure is hard. Super hard.

So overall the exercise and eating better is going pretty good for me. It is almost natural now for me to got to the gym during my lunch hour. It is also almost natural for me to pick a “healthier” food option for lunch. I eat one cheat meal during the week and I have a good unhealthy meal during the weekend. The food prepping is still hard but I do more than what I have done in the past. Right now I am sticking to easy meals but I really want to get creative with this. I found out recently that red meat is not my favorite meat. I prefer chicken and fish so I am probably going to stick to those for now. I love mixing sausage and veggies. It is so much easier to cook it up on Sunday and have several meals for the week versus trying to figure out meals day by day. As an example, Sunday I failed to do my regular food prep so here I am trying to figure out what will be my lunch meals for the next few days. Today, I chose to go with a sandwich. Tomorrow, I plan to eat tuna fish and avocado. On Wednesday probably some chicken and veggies. On Thursday probably more tuna. Friday will be my cheat meal. For dinner, I will probably make some eggs and sausage. Or some eggs and chorizo. I will have to come up with something healthy.

Anyway, ya’ll this is hard. The effort. The comments. The everything. But I am here to tell you that things will get better. Keep on working. I am frustrated. I am tired but I will not give up. Also, don’t forget that this is about you. This is your journey. This is your life. I am doing it for the health and the ooooo and ahhhhhhs. What are you doing it for? Lets get it!

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