Track your workouts!!!

In February, I started doing this thing that has really helped me out in organizing and keeping myself motivated. I saw that one of my sorority sisters, Vanessa (follow her at:, was tracking her workouts by putting emojis on a calendar and sharing it on her Instagram story. I wanted to ask her so bad how she was doing it because my iPhone wasn’t allowing me to add stickers or emojis to a downloaded calendar. But I had already bothered her with other stuff so I just tried to figure it out myself.

So, I went on Pinterest and downloaded a 2019 March Calendar and then added it to my story on Instagram and added an emoji sticker to it. Since it was March, I used a cloverleaf sticker to mark a successful workout. I then saved it and would do this every time I completed a workout. Here is the completed product.

As you can see I worked out a total of 16 days the whole month! It might not seem like a lot but it is for me. This month I plan to do at least 20 workouts!

Anyway, this gives me a visual of what I was able to accomplish for the month and where I can do better; like weekends for example. I slacked big time on weekends for the month of March. I plan on doing better.

So document! Document! Document! It doesn’t have to be boring! Do it in a pretty way like me! For the month of April I am using Easter eggs! Take a look:

I am always trying to find new ways to make this fitness journey easier. Hope this works for you too. Good luck!

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