No alcohol. For 30 days. It’s a challenge.

Ya’ll, today I got a crazy idea! I want to do a 30 day challenge of no drinking! I have tried numerous of times to go sober for at least 30 days and guess what!? I always quit or give up. I go out to eat with a friend and they order one of those cute margaritas and then bam, I change my mind. I say, “I can start next week”. And then next week never comes. This time I am determined. I want to demonstrate to myself and others that I don’t need alcohol to feel better or to have fun.

Truth be told, I consume alcohol way less than what I have done in the past but I still drink a margarita or two at least once a week. Just a few months ago, I was drinking three or four Micheladas a week. Yes. You read that right. A week. And sometimes I would add some Mimosas. I think what really bothers me about my alcohol consumption is that I seem to have this lack of self-control in completely giving it up and I ask myself but why. Why is it so hard. My family plays around with me and say, “MUST you have a drink every time we go out to eat”. Well first of all, I only have one margarita when we do go out to eat but most of the time it is when we are celebrating something. I mean what if they are right though. Must I drink. Can I do without I? I always laugh it off and say “uh no, I don’t need it”. The reality of the situation is that obviously I feel like I need it or I would not be ordering it.

Anyway, for the past couple of months I’ve been toying with the idea of giving up alcoholic beverages completely but then I ask myself why. Why give it up completely? You are not an alcoholic, I tell myself. I mean I could just socially drink, right? So this brings me to the reasons for even thinking about this. I feel like alcohol is preventing me from accomplishing my fitness goals. I feel like alcohol is keeping me from saving more money. I feel like alcohol is messing with my physical and emotional health. Writing this out and seeing it really brings out the BIG WHY I want to make changes in my life where alcohol is involved. I have to do something.

Months ago I had a scary moment. I was out of town and my drinking got a little out of control. Nothing bad happened but I had consumed so much alcohol that I remembered very little of that night. That was a scary feeling. I told myself that I could not do that again. I have always acted responsively when drinking and it scared me that it is that easy for things to get out of control. So this is yet another reason to make changes.

So I have decided to do 30 days of no alcohol during the month of April. I will start on the 1st and this time there will be no quitting. I plan to be successful and I hope that I can learn a few things along the way. On the first of May, I will make a post about how I feel and if I plan on doing another 30 days soon after. Anyway, thanks for reading! Happy Wednesday!

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