Meal planning. The devil or what!?

So today I found myself at a little cozy sandwich shop for my lunch hour. I opted for the club sandwich which is not as bad as my typical greasy pizza or taco lunch but still. Y’all I have to get with the program! Like seriously. When you fail to prep for the week it just makes it that much easier to go with the simple fast food option. So what to do!? Ah! Meal plan of course but how do I accomplish it without quitting even before I get to the store. Because that is literally what happens to me. Suggestions are needed and will be greatly appreciated.

You should first know that I hate cooking which makes this whole thing even a greater pain. It is just not my cup of tea. And I have a whole list of reasons and excuses for why I don’t do it but man I am starting to get frustrated with myself. And please don’t assume it’s laziness because it is not. Yup, I have heard that numerous of times. Let me explain myself in a different way. You know how you people who decide on not going to college say “school is just not for me”? Well that is the way I feel about cooking. So if you can use that lame excuse then I should be able to use “cooking is just not for me”. Right? Trust me guys. I want to be that cook that you see in movies. Dancing around and singing all the while cooking up a delicious meal for her wonderful husband and cute sweet kids. But it just isn’t me. Strangely, I do want to change it. Why? Because I do want to eat healthier and if and when I decide to have a child, I would like to feed that child a yummy healthy meal. Yes, believe it or not.

Okay so let me tell you what I have done so far to attempt the whole prepping ordeal. I’ve done the Pinterest thing. I have looked up low carb healthy meals, saved them  and bam. That is as far as I got. I have gone to the grocery store and replaced a lot of my bad foods with good foods and guess what happens with that? The good food goes bad. Because I only cooked half of what I bought. then there is the whole thing that the food just doesn’t taste the same after a few days. How do people that meal prep do that. Eat old food. Ewww. What am I doing wrong?! Why oh why does cooking have to be so tedious for me. So how do I change that? How do I move past this whatever this is.

I saw something earlier today while reading another blog or something else about a meal journal. This meal journal is basically a documentation of what you will eat Monday-Friday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I wonder if this would be too much work to put together.  I’m gonna give it a try. So I’ll commit to that. I’ll start a food journal and document what I plan on cooking for next week. Then I’ll go buy all the required groceries on Friday of this week so they will be ready to cook over the weekend. Okay guys I have a plan! Let’s see how it goes. Please drop any suggestions you may have to help me on this journey of trying to eat better and actually learning how to cook. I still believe meal planning is the devil! Ugh! Wish me luck! Oh and by the way, I only ate half of my sandwich today. Does that make it healthier!? I hope so! Happy Tuesday!

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